RRD provides a daily collection and delivery service for all clients in the Dublin area and an overnight service to all locations outside of Dublin.  To avail of the services listed below please contact us by mail or phone and we will endeavour to provide you with a top quality reliable service.

Same Business Day (Premium) Service

Orders received before 10:00 may be fulfilled before the close of business that day, should you require your racquet on a same day service let us know and we will confirm straight away if we can do this.  There may be an additional charge for this service - depending on location.

Next Business Day (NBD) Service

RRD aim to provide a ‘Next Business Day’ service as standard, should you order your racquet restring before 10:00 you should receive your racquet with a quality restring the following business day.  Some locations in Dublin may not be guaranteed this service.

Standard Service

RRD offer players of all levels a service to suit their game, whether you are just starting to play or at competition level we can provide you with a service to help you get maximum benefit from your equipment.

Restring Only

Should you wish to provide your own personal string we can provide a ‘Restring Only’ service, this service is at a reduced cost.

Account Holders

Set up an account and we can hold a specific string for you only, string is available in sets or reels and can be held on location – this service suits players with a high turnover of string or those who want a specific string type and wish to avail of a volume discount.