Squash Restring Rates

RRD provides top quality string at competitive rates.  Below is a list of some of the more common string used by squash players of all levels.

Rates start at €20.00 and depend on the string requested and your location should you require the Premium, NBD or Standard service with collection and delivery – see Service for details.


Tecnifibre – 305

Multifilament technology

The prefferred string for many competitive squash players




  • Maximum of 1540 filaments + polyurethane
  • Anti abrasion coating and for increased durability
  • Maximum comfort and shock absorption


Supernick XL Micro

Multifilament core with double brided multifilament jacket

Micro gauge version of the worlds most popular squash string, offering superb playability.



  • Textured surface for better control
  • A very resilient string


Monofilament Zyex core. Encapsulated with a high tenacity nylon monofilament surface.

Designed to provide improved power and performance for both amateur and professional players, PowerNick 19 provides excellent resilience and response, along with a dramatic increase in the ability to grip, cut, slice, and work the ball.



  • Zyex monofilament core prevents tension loss
  • Excellent resilience and response
  • Thin gauge maximises ball control


 Monofilament Zyex core. Encapsulated with a high tenacity nylon monofilament surface.

PN18 is the string of choice for many world class players including Nick Matthew (world number 1), Peter Barker (world number 6), Ong Beng Hee (world number 12).



  • Outer spiral braid provides good gripping service to enhance spin and slice
  • Zyex fibres provide superior tension holding properties
  • Thinner guage offers superior bite on the ball


Head Perfect Power

PA 66 Multifilament Core with Multifilament wrap made of extra Soft fibres, Specially Formulated Anti-Abrasion coating



  • PerfectPower provides superior power, maximum feel and added comfort
  • Specially engineered Anti-Abrasion coating provides extra durability


Many more brands (and string) are in stock, please ask for what your preference is and if we do not have it we will order it for you straight away.